Hotel Blambangan was renovated with a contribution from an Indonesian world class architect, Andra Matin in 2012. This hotel preserves its Dutch colonial original architecture with modern minimalist interiors, creating a simple, clean and green ambiance which will make you feel at home.

Located across Taman Blambangan, Hotel Blambangan is right at the heart of Banyuwangi. Its strategic location provides you a short distance to the center of Government, business and culture, giving you the opportunity to experience Banyuwangi’s day to day living.

Hotel Blambangan offers 8 Deluxe rooms, 16 Superior rooms, a swimming pool, 2 meeting rooms and a common area to accommodate you. Breakfast and tea time with local snacks are served for you who stay with us at Hotel Blambangan.

Hotel Blambangan is your home in Banyuwangi. We’ll make sure that you will always want to come home.


  • 10 minutes from Karangasem Train Station
  • 15 minutes from Ketapang Port and Banyuwangi Baru Train Station
  • 30 minutes from Blimbingsari Airport
  •  3 minutes from Pantai Boom
  • 15 minutes from Desa Adat Kemiren (Osing Traditional Village)
  • 1 hour from Ijen Crater
  • 1 hour from Baluran National Park
  • 1.5 hours from Pulau Tabuhan
  • 2 hours from Pulau Merah
  • 3 hours from Alas Purwo National Park